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Old School Baseball League (OSBL) - 1976

Regular Season Statistics | Transactions

Pittsburgh Pirates (PIN)3419.642----17-1117-8251216+351-410-5
Philadelphia Phillies (PHN)2924.547513-1216-12232223+92-08-7
Boston Red Sox (BOA)2924.547517-1112-13236222+145-47-10
New York Yankees (NYA)2231.415129-1613-15199240-413-48-9
Houston Astros (HON)3221.604----13-1219-9288195+931-35-10
Montreal Expos (MON)2627.491614-1312-14230248-185-414-10
Kansas City Royals (KCA)2330.434913-1210-18199244-453-410-10
Toronto Blue Jays (TOA)1637.3021610-196-18180258-781-38-11
Cleveland Indians (CLA)3023.566----17-813-15258192+665-17-10
Chicago Cubs (CHN)2528.472514-1411-14190211-213-310-7
Cincinnati Reds (CIN)2330.43478-1715-13182222-404-311-8
Detroit Tigers (DEA)2330.434714-149-16225228-35-76-11
San Francisco Giants (SFN)3023.566----18-1112-12208181+273-411-9
Oakland Athletics (OAA)2924.547115-1014-14246207+390-58-12
Los Angeles Dodgers (LAN)2924.547116-913-15194200-67-416-9
California Angels (CAA)2429.453613-1411-15166197-316-16-7
Pittsburgh Pirates (PIN)3419.642----17-1117-8251216+351-410-5
Houston Astros (HON)3221.604213-1219-9288195+931-35-10
San Francisco Giants (SFN)3023.566418-1112-12208181+273-411-9
Cleveland Indians (CLA)3023.566417-813-15258192+665-17-10
Philadelphia Phillies (PHN)2924.547513-1216-12232223+92-08-7
Oakland Athletics (OAA)2924.547515-1014-14246207+390-58-12
Los Angeles Dodgers (LAN)2924.547516-913-15194200-67-416-9
Boston Red Sox (BOA)2924.547517-1112-13236222+145-47-10
Montreal Expos (MON)2627.491814-1312-14230248-185-414-10
Chicago Cubs (CHN)2528.472914-1411-14190211-213-310-7
California Angels (CAA)2429.4531013-1411-15166197-316-16-7
Kansas City Royals (KCA)2330.4341113-1210-18199244-453-410-10
Cincinnati Reds (CIN)2330.434118-1715-13182222-404-311-8
Detroit Tigers (DEA)2330.4341114-149-16225228-35-76-11
New York Yankees (NYA)2231.415129-1613-15199240-413-48-9
Toronto Blue Jays (TOA)1637.3021810-196-18180258-781-38-11



Completed May 31, 1976
Indians trade Billy North and #2 '77 pick to Yankees for Jose Cardenal
Angels trade Al Oliver to Yankees for Larvell Blanks and #2 '77 pick
Giants release Mike Garman
Angels trade Rollie Fingers to Giants for #1 '77 pick and #2 '77 pick
Completed April 30, 1976
Tigers acquire Terry Humphrey, release Larry Biittner
Pirates trade Wayne Garrett to Royals for Jack Brohamer
1976 Draft/Post-Draft
Pirates trade Jim Spencer to Phillies for Steve Hargan and #4 '77 pick
Pirates trade Bob Moose to Blue Jays for Jim Spencer
Giants trade Jim Umbarger to Yankees for #5 '76 pick
Phillies trade John Mayberry to Cubs for #3 '76 pick
Astros trade Cesar Geronimo and Astros #4 '77 pick to Phillies for #2 '77 pick
Royals trade Doug Rader to Red Sox for #4 '77 pick
A's trade Pat Dobson to Blue Jays for #5 '76 pick
Pirates trade #2 '76 pick (via Reds) to Blue Jays for #2 '77 pick
Indians trade Larry Parrish to Royals for #3 '76 pick (via Blue Jays) and #2 '77 pick
Yankees trade Ron Leflore to Astros for Manny Trilo
Indians trade Lyman Bostock to Giants for #1 '76 pick
Indians trade Pete Rose to Phillies for Ron Reed, Ken Singleton, and Indians #1 '77 pick
Pirates trade Vern Ruhle to Reds for #2 '77 pick
Royals trade #2 '76 (via Blue Jays) to Phillies for Mike Hargrove
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